Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Its Growing!

 Here are my latest photo uploads of my piece, as you can see its slowly growing, there are probably between 50 and 75 cones on this at the moment.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Octopus Suckers

I have decided to grasp this tentacles/suckers idea by the horns and see where it takes me...I really enjoyed working with the cones in the workshop and because of their shape, they are really easy to manipulate and expand a paper piece with. I decided to look back at my image of tentacles and suckers from my sketchbook as inspiration...

The octopus suckers are very repetitional and are perfect for this "Repeat" brief. All of the suckers are generally the same size which is why recreating them out of my cone idea really works...

I first tried out experimentation of the cone idea using different stock

 These look really effective but I think I am going to stick with the white paper as it gives the piece a more modern and contemporary effect. 

I started by using two different shapes of circles. This will give the piece and interesting effect, as all of the cones will be varying in size.

Above you can see my rapidly expanding piece of paper art. This is now roughly the size of a rugby ball. My idea is to expand the piece into an abstract tentacle shape, made from my cone suckers. I will upload my sketchbook page of design ideas on my next blog update. The piece photographs really well due to the staggered layers and angles of the cones.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

College Work, Always Knew You Would Come In Handy

In college we were set a brief called Counter. Counter was a high end magazine that we had to design a contents page and a guest designer page. The guest designer I chose was Issey Miyake. I studied his clothes and decided I could make an Issey inspired piece of clothing out of.... PAPER!

Above you can see the contents page...I made paper flower heads photographed them and used them within the piece. I also changed the colour of one to create a focal point.

This is the guest designer page...You can see where I have used paper as part of the design. 1. To create the 'Pleats Please' logo background   2. To make the dress on the Barbie doll in a Miyake inspired way   3. To create the circular stopper at the end of the 'clothes line' (used on the contents page)

Some examples of Issey Miyake fashion


Friday, 11 February 2011


I was looking at natural forms from my sketchbook and decided that these suckers of a tentacle were a pretty good example to base the workshop on...

I began by drawing around my vaseline tin to create a perfect circle. I than put a slit down to the middle of the circle and this allowed me to twist the paper into little cones. I left small tabs on the cones to allow for fixing.

My cones, a good days work if you ask me :)

I then stuck two together at a time using my tab system.

Here you can see the journey from the singular cone, to a circular form  using the pieces, to an abstract form using the cones attached at awkward angles. Below are some larger images of the abstract piece..

Natural Forms

Looking at my most recent paper experiments (on my last blog) they have a natural form quality to them, and some of the close up images almost look like a rose :)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


 Today I found my box of Paper Mill stock and thought it would be interesting to experiment using different paper, rather than plain white.
I have decided that my favourite technique is scoring the paper to create curves, this way you can create some really interesting effects...
 These are some examples that I created using a shiny brown/grey paper, they remind me of sea shells, and when taken up close look very much like natural forms. I think the photograph to the left looks like a close up of a rose.